Introducing our brand new 'Love Tales - Engagement videos'

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Back in the day announcing your engagement might have been via an announcement column in the local paper, you may have sent some cards out in the post to friends and family, or even had a little photo shoot booked, other options include a creative selfie with a ring perhaps posted on Instagram with the hashtag #shesaidyes. However Race Wedding Videography has a more contemporary option to cherish forever, a more creative engagement announcement for the modern world - a ‘Love Tale - engagement video’ Let’s check it out…

‘‘ It’s a great way to announce your engagement, or even you want to keep the engagement private, having your own personal love story captured with a contemporary video is something you can both revisit time and time again like your favourite movie - it has a never ending shelf life. Also the great thing about an engagement video vs a traditional engagement photo shoot is that photography misses what video doesn’t. Our Love Tale engagement videos enable us to get to the core of the couples emotions and their unique story through high quality audio interviews and contemporary film making. It also gives couples a chance to give us a ‘trial run’ if they are thinking about hiring a wedding videographer. So far this new offering has been particularly well received. ’’

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What to expect from a Love Tale - Engagement video…

  • Relaxed and informal setting nearby to you or perhaps a special place that has meaning for the both of you

  • Fun 2 hour video shoot with various types of video equipment including a drone!

  • Mini audio interview - we find out your unique love story and ask questions like ‘‘how did you meet?’’, ‘‘when did you first realise you were in love?’’

  • Your Love Tale video is shipped to you within 28 days on a luxury USB stick

  • Your video will be 3 minutes long, with a fully licensed audio soundtrack and is supplied in high res format and even a file format for Instagram!

  • All this for only £299!

Above: Some historical engagement & wedding announcements via the local paper but Race Wedding Videography has a new option - a contemporary ‘Love Tale’ - engagement video for the modern world.

Above: Some historical engagement & wedding announcements via the local paper but Race Wedding Videography has a new option - a contemporary ‘Love Tale’ - engagement video for the modern world.

The history of engagement announcements

Once upon a time, engagement announcement in the local paper were not just for bragging parents to show the neighbours that their daughter got an PHD in criminal law and is marrying a doctor. “At one time, announcements were strictly formal and undertaken for serious reasons," according to wedding historian Susan Waggoner. "In the days of arranged marriages, where goods and property changed hands, formal, very public announcements ensured that the contract would not be broken without the offending family enduring a substantial loss of face." As in: oh you’re marrying my daughter, buddy. It’s right here in writing and the whole town knows! Furthermore, “notifying members of the church congregation...was initiated to give anyone with grounds for objecting to the match ample time to state their case.” So if you had some insider knowledge that Christopher and Chrissy were in fact closely related, you had some time to make them aware of this fact.

Therefore, it was pretty uncool to keep your engagement secret and it’s still somewhat frowned upon. “The assumption—often proven correct—is that if matters must be kept secret, something’s bound to be amiss,” writes Waggoner.

From engagement to wedding film - we’ve got it covered

Your wedding day is one of the most important memories in your lifetime & we can help capture this through contemporary & beautiful videography. We also believe that just because it's your wedding day, this shouldn't cost the earth! We have one simple package for only £899.00 (14 hours filming on the day from 8am - 10pm, so we won't miss a thing!) You will receive a full wedding film (12 minutes+), highlights trailer (2mins) and the speeches in full! We even offer drone videography as standard too in all our wedding videos! There are no hidden costs, no extra expenses, just a beautiful video that is yours to keep and treasure for a lifetime. We edit your wedding videos and ship to you on a luxury USB stick within 28 days.  Race Wedding Videography is based in Norfolk & Suffolk and has over 17 years worth of knowledge, skills & experience in videography and creativity - so rest assured you have the best man for the job.  If you have any questions or would like to book and say 'I do' to Race Wedding Videography - please get in touch! 


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