Wedflix - why your wedding film will be a blockbuster movie hit..

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Wedflix - Why your wedding film will be a blockbuster movie hit..

In today’s modern world Netflix gives us easy access to streaming our favourite movies with around 130 plus million subscribers worldwide with Netflix users spending 100 million hours a day watching content! So if this is anything to go by we love our movies. If you think about it your wedding day is probably one of the only times you would ever hire a filmmaker to create a movie about you! So lets see why hiring Race Wedding Videography in Norfolk can help create a blockbuster hit for you and your partner..

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It maybe a wedding film but there are no actors in this love story…

We love a wedding film at the cinema, but this is different. You are not Hugh Grant in ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ (our favourite!) or Muriel from ‘Muriel’s Wedding’, you and your partners love story and romance is 100% real. Of course on the wedding day the cameras will be rolling, the audio will be recording and there will be a drone flying in the air - so you could easily confuse the Hollywood glamour and filmmaker tech for a film set in L.A but your wedding in Norfolk or Suffolk has true authenticity to it because you, the bride and groom, the soon to be Mr & Mrs are not acting - this is…. real love. Which of course makes it better than any wedding film on Netflix, this is kind of your own ‘Wedflix’ for you to return to and watch time and time again - just like your favourite movie! So admittedly there will probably never be a need to book a professional videographer or filmmaker - but on this day, you wedding day - we think you would be crazy not to, as if you don’t this could be the biggest regret from your wedding day in future years to come.



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