The biggest wedding day regrets from brides and grooms

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The biggest wedding day regrets from brides and grooms

Get some insight from some real brides and grooms biggest wedding day regrets. So grab a coffee, sit down, stop the wedding planning for 5 minutes and take a read. Remember ultimately the most important thing to remember is that you are marrying the person of your dreams which will always have a greater preponderance over any wedding day details but hopefully this article will help make you realise what you need to not stress about and some tips from others on what not to miss!

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The wedding day guest List

Maria from Brancaster in North Norfolk said.. ‘‘ its that classic old tale! Who do we invite? We can’t forget this person, what about that person you used to work with 10 years ago? What if we leave out this person? Will they never speak to us or be annoyed etc!? We wished we invited less people and in hindsight it should have been more about quality rather than quantity plus the bigger the wedding reception the harder it is to get round to everyone and always feels like you have a greater pressure to keep everyone happy and entertain everyone!’’

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The Wedding Ceremony

Visiting a friends wedding last year in a Suffolk Barn they said to me after they wished the ceremony was a tad shorter. They felt a little bored and perhaps so were the guests!? Keeping it short and sweet may be a better solution. After all, the sooner you are married the sooner the party begins!

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The devil is in the detail?

In one breath its easy to say there is an exceptional amount to plan for in a wedding, which means lots of little ideas, bits and bobs, plus after you have spent hours on Pinterest where you had seen someone hang some lights from some white twigs at the end of the aisle, it would seem criminal to leave these little bits out. However a big regret brides and grooms have after the big day is wishing they had not stressed out over all the details ( like the lights and twigs!). Remember its all about the love, laughter and happy ever after. Enjoy your day, it will soon be over and pass before you know it! Detail? Pay a wedding industry supplier and specialist to deal with things like that. Just smile, be happy and soak up the day!

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No Wedding Videographer means no Wedding Film!

According to the Huffington Post, not having a wedding videographer is a wedding day regret 98% of brides have. If you read other wedding day regret style blogs or articles in magazines this one always comes up. Of course we know weddings aren’t cheap affairs however after the big day has actually happened you can’t take the chair sashes or the candy cart with you as a memory. Whilst it is generally been the norm and tradition to book a wedding photographer adding a wedding filmmaker to this mix has a host of long term benefits. A wedding film will have a never ending shelf life and you can watch it again and again like your favourite movie! Plus remember photography misses what video doesn’t….


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