A simple guide to booking a wedding videographer for your 2019 wedding

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With the start of 2019 now in full swing, many engaged couples will be smashing their wedding planning. To make sure you are not ‘dreading your wedding’ admin we’ve put a simple guide together to help you booking a wedding filmmaker that’s right for you and your 2019 wedding, turning your hours of website looking into booking. We look at what questions you should be asking about your wedding film. Let’s check it out…

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1. Do I need a Wedding film?

This is probably a big question bride and grooms ask themselves before getting hitched. Believe it or not according to a recent survey 98% of brides and grooms biggest wedding day regret was not booking a wedding videographer. Of course we know weddings aren’t cheap affairs however after the big day has actually happened you can’t take the chair sashes or the candy cart with you as a memory. Whilst it is generally been the norm and tradition to book a wedding photographer adding a wedding filmmaker to this mix has a host of long term benefits. A wedding film will have a never ending shelf life and you can watch it again and again like your favourite movie! Plus remember photography misses what video doesn’t….

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2. Credibility, propriety and professionalism

This seems a pretty obvious point to make but covers a multitude of things. If you click on a wedding filmmakers website and it looks pretty naff, what will their wedding films look like? What Google reviews are there on the business and how many are there? Also reviews on wedding directory websites may also help show some real life customers opinions of people who have already been through the process and had their final wedding film completed. What did they think? Also believe it or not we have seen and heard about many instances where wedding photographers and wedding videographers have turned up to weddings with scruffy shorts and tops on! ( true story!) We have found that a professional look and smart appearance on the day itself actually helps blend into the background. Minus the camera of course some wedding guests actually mistake the wedding filmmaker for a guest, which helps get some more candid and relaxed moments captured on camera! Cue the dodgy dad dancing! Also if their website does not have many examples ask to see their portfolio or more examples of their work.

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3. How much does a wedding film cost & what are we getting for our money?

Of course money isn’t everything but finding a wedding filmmaker you like, within your budget and a style that you love are all important factors. You may find some filmmakers advertising incredibly cheap prices online from only £500 as an example which at first sounds great but what are you getting for that? Most of the time ‘lead in’ marketing prices will only cover a very short period of time on the wedding day, just the ceremony and 2 hours filming as an example. Or worst case your actually getting shaky video shots with similar quality to that you would expect from Uncle Dave or your 7 year old niece or nephew with an i phone. So good questions to ask is a full breakdown of what you get for your money, how long will the wedding filmmaker be there on the day? How long will the final film be? Will you receive a highlights trailer? (this is a short 2 minute or so mini video which is great to show friends and family online!) What equipment do they have? Ask about the audio, what mics will they be using to capture the audio, speeches and vows? What background music will they be getting? Is it licensed? How long will the final editing take? How will the wedding film be delivered?

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4. Drone shots in your wedding film

With many wedding videos being stuck in the 1990's with dreary production, over priced rates, standard video camera gear that is very much 'down to earth'....as in......'on the ground',  a drone at your wedding is a no-brainer right? If you are going to pay a wedding videographer you need to be asking the questions "do you use drones in your wedding videos?" and secondly "are you qualified by the Civil Aviation Authority to do so?" (permission for commercial operations or PfCO for short! This the license a videographer will need in order to fly a drone as part of your wedding film.) Otherwise you may end up with the person who was flying drones over Gatwick Airport last Christmas.

A drone video adds a whole new perspective and vantage point to your day.

Now of course you don't want a whole wedding video of aerial shots, of course a wedding video has many key ingredients like your granny's favourite cake recipe. It's about capturing all the special moments, emotions and embraces, with contemporary camera equipment, creative thought, great editing, music,  giving its overall style and feel to the video. However using odd drone shots in a tasteful way to set the scene of the church or in more recent times a rustic barn in the depths of the Norfolk countryside will make the world of difference. 

5. Personality

Bit of a strange title for number 5 but an all important point before choosing a potential wedding filmmaker. We recommend meeting any potential wedding filmmaker candidates in person. After all a lot of the role of a great wedding filmmaker is someone you get along with, someone who is good with people, crowds and who can make people feel at ease, especially you guys as the bride and groom! A quick meeting to ask any questions over a coffee and maybe a cake you will soon know whether you get along or not!

6. Creative Style

This is quite an easy one, but after looking a few different wedding films you will soon know which creative style you like. Of course no two wedding filmmakers are the same. They will all have their own unique and creative approach to capturing a wedding. Find one you like, if they are available and within your budget, bingo! Another ‘Wedmin’ task ticked off the list!

7. Engagement Video

Before saying yes to a full blown wedding video an engagement video with a wedding filmmaker maybe a great way to try before you buy. Well you will have to pay for the engagement video of course but you get what we mean! ;)


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