New Tech! Why your wedding film needs a Ronin S...

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When booking a wedding filmmaker you will no doubt want to know you are in safe hands, plus it being 2018 you want to know that they have the best kit right? More and likely as an up coming bride or groom, you won’t know an awful lot about video cameras, drones or the latest gizmos (that’s what you pay us for!) but we are going to share with you our latest tech so you know your wedding film is going to look epic.. Let’s take a look our latest edition to the family - a new Ronin S gimbal stabiliser…

Above: An example of using a Ronin Gimbal for ultra smooth shots

Of course back in the day wedding films mainly consisted with Uncle Eric’s shakey and wobbly VHS camera work at the back of the church and that was the best you could hope for….Unless you had Steven Spielberg filming your wedding with some Panavision trucks parked round the back of the church with some multi million pound gear for a Jaws/ Jurassic Park style quality wedding film.

We have just invested in a new Ronin S which is a gimbal stabiliser. With three brushless gimbal motors. These create the perfectly stabilised smooth shots to your wedding film! We have long been a fan of the legendary Ronin M, however working on a wedding is a long day 8am - 10pm and after some time the Ronin M got rather heavy however the Ronin S only ways 3.3lbs + the camera! Also with its tripod support we can quickly rest it down and move quickly in between locations such as the bride prep to the church or wedding venue as an example!

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Capturing your love, laughter and a happy ever after...

Your wedding day is one of the most important memories in your lifetime & we can help capture this with an elegant, modern & beautiful wedding film. We have one simple package which includes 14 hours wedding videography on the day from 8am - 10pm, so we won't miss a thing! You will receive a full wedding film (20 minutes+) which includes the ceremony, a highlights trailer (2 minutes), a highlights trailer just for Instagram and the speeches in full! We even offer drone videography as standard too in all our wedding videos! We edit your wedding videos and ship to you on a luxury USB stick within 28 days - All this for only £1399!   


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