A drone 'proposal' - 'say yes' to drone videography in your wedding video

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With the fast pacing rise in technology and popularity in the world of drone videography, we take look and see why you need to 'say yes' to  drone videography in your newfangled and contemporary wedding video. Lets check it out!

With many wedding videos being stuck in the 1990's with dreary production, over priced rates, standard video camera gear that is very much 'down to earth'....as in......'on the ground',  a drone at your wedding is a no-brainer right? If you are going to pay a wedding videographer you need to be asking the questions "do you use drones in your wedding videos?" and secondly "are you qualified by the Civil Aviation Authority to do so?" (permission for commercial operations or PfCO for short!)

A drone video adds a whole new perspective and vantage point to your day.

Now of course you don't want a whole wedding video of aerial shots, of course a wedding video has many key ingredients like your granny's favourite cake recipe. It's about capturing all the special moments, emotions and embraces, with contemporary camera equipment, creative thought, great editing, music,  giving its overall style and feel to the video. However using odd drone shots in a tasteful way to set the scene of the church or in more recent times a rustic barn in the depths of the Norfolk countryside will make the world of difference. 

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With the rising popularity in cinematic and 'movie' style wedding videos a drone is the perfect answer. Its like having your very own 'Spielberg' style blockbuster wedding movie hit. Instead of being a box office smash it will certainly be a smash hit for you and your partner to enjoy as well as the whole of your family and friends!

Too much talking? OK lets check out some examples... 

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