Why a wedding video is a better wedding gift than pots & pans!

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Traditional wedding gifts are in general boring & predictable. The wedding gifts of yesteryear like pots and pans or trusty white goods or appliances are no longer needed, with many couples now living together before marriage they already have everything they need! We look at why a wedding video could be the most ever lasting and emotive gift you could give... 

Pots & Pans

A survey of over 12,000 women aged 15-44 between 2006 and 2010 showed that approximately half (48 percent) of women cohabitate prior to marriage (Copen, Daniels, & Mosher, 2013). This number is up from 34 percent in 1995. 

Norfolk Wedding Films Race Wedding Videography

Who needs a silver engraved fork anyway?

So in the old days the latest coffee maker, food processor or stainless steel toaster would have been a blessing, today whilst it maybe welcomed it is more likely to hit the shelves of the nearest charity shop or make a swift appearance back on the retail market on Sphock or the latest boot sale app. Engraved silverware, picnicware, glasses or crystals probably won't cut it too... 

A wedding video it is something you can revisit and use time and time again into the future vs the frying pan that falls apart after too many full english breakfasts. 

A different kind of gift...

The photographer has probably already been booked and poised to go for the big day, all the other wedding planning is calmly under control and hopefully the budget! Then someone suddenly sees a contemporary wedding video online or comes across with envy their cousin's Norfolk wedding video just uploaded to Facebook for all the friends and family to see who couldn't make it such as Aunt Sarah who emigrated to Aus in the 90's.

Then like a lightning bolt someone shouts out ..."Why didn't we think of a wedding film?!"

From experience at Race Wedding Videography we have had lots of fab parents and close family members contact us about the idea of a gifting a wedding video to their son, daughter or close relative. So, if the budgets running low or none existent for anymore wedding plans. A subtle or not so subtle way is to send this blog to your loving parents and close family members, problem solved! Everyone is happy, no more unwanted pots and pans, no sleepless nights for the wedding guests wondering what to buy, they can help invest in a wedding video!

Of course you may think "how much is a wedding video?" Every company has different products on offer and different pricing policies of course, but we believe that just because it is someones wedding day that it shouldn't take them over their threshold! We offer an affordable offering for only £899! (14 hours filming on the day - so we won't miss a thing!). There are no hidden costs, no extra expenses, no copyright, just a beautiful video that is yours to keep and treasure for a lifetime. So £899 isn't quite as scary as you first thought! Now if the budgets running low or none existent for anymore wedding plans. A subtle or not so subtle way is to send this blog to your loving parents and close family members.

Race Wedding Videography is based in Norfolk & Suffolk and has over 17 years worth of knowledge, skills & experience in videography and creativity - so rest assured you have the best man for the job. 


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