The top 5 most unusual wedding Stories...

Norfolk Wedding Films - Race Wedding Videography

From a hot air ballon crashing in a neighbouring field, runaway bridesmaids in a driver-less taxi, to a highly inebriated, cross-dressing the latest of Norfolk's secret wedding confessions...

Well heeled

I broke my high heels just at the point when I was greeting the bride and everybody stared at me.

Norfolk Wedding Films - Race Wedding Videography

Full of hot air

The bride and groom left in a hot air balloon... and crash-landed in the field next door. 

Norfolk Wedding Films - Race Wedding Videography

Dress to impress

My husband got so drunk with his friends on our wedding night, I drove him home with him wearing my dress.

Norfolk Wedding Films - Race Wedding Videography

Hat trick of horrors

I had a few disasters on my wedding day - when we (bride and bridesmaids) were getting ready the zip on my sister's dress fell apart. My mum had to sew her into the dress. Then, the car came to pick us up and started rolling down the hill with my mum and bridesmaids inside. The driver luckily managed to get in and stop it. Finally, my uncle got really drunk he slipped on wet leaves and banged his head so we had to call an ambulance. I'm thankfully still happily married though.

Chicken dance

My bridesmaid stepped on my train as I was walking down the aisle and I did the classic head jerk backwards in front of everyone. It made me laugh/grimace.