Top ten reasons to visit a wedding fair...

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Top ten reasons to visit a wedding fair...

Nearly every bride from Norfolk or Suffolk, at some point during her wedding planning adventure, will ask “should I go to a wedding fair?” We think that should be a very simple answer, yes! Wedding fairs range from huge national events attended by thousands, to small and intimate afternoons at local venues. No matter what their size, their purpose is to inspire the most important person – you. Lets take a look at 10 reasons to attend a wedding fair.

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1. Check out trends

Suppliers usually bring a selection of items to please everyone – both the traditional brides and the trendy ones. With so many displays in one place, it’ll be easy to see what’s hot and interesting right now and for next year. A great idea is to chat with the suppliers about what other brides are asking for – you’ll get tons of great suggestions you may not have thought about yourself.

2. Find your suppliers

There is simply no other place to meet so many suppliers face-to-face, and many brides will book a supplier not just because their work looks amazing, but because they make a really good impression – pleasant, reliable, easy to talk to, confident. This is an easy purpose to focus on – for example, if you’ve already booked everyone except a cake maker, this is most definitely your best chance of finding the right one and let’s not forget – if you’re in a panic and need to make a booking at the 11th hour, this is your best chance.

Norfolk Wedding Films - Race Wedding Videography

3. Get bucket loads of inspiration

Even if you already spend every waking hour on Pinterest, or surfing the internet for ideas, nothing compares to seeing it all in person. This is a great advantage of major fairs – there are so many suppliers, you’re bound to see a huge selection of all kinds of things, from stationery to honeymoons. You’ll see things you never even thought of before, and also things you thought you fancied… until now. Take pictures of everything you like (see our top tips below), and you may have your wedding all figured out by the time you go home. This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for all brides who don’t know what kind of wedding they want – just go and see!

4.. It is great fun

Attending a fair may seem a bit too much like work, but not if you go with the right attitude – treat it like a fun outing that may bring unexpected yet delightful benefits (like finding your dream florist, tasting the best cake of your life, winning a tiara). You’ll get lots of freebies ranging from magazines and samples to free champagne, which can't be bad?! It will be an unforgettable experience – chances are, you won’t be attending fairs after your own wedding day, unless you become someone’s Matron of Honour.

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5. Get free stuff oh and discounts

For a supplier, attending a wedding fair has to be worthwhile – many will prepare a special offer for the show; this may be a reduced price on their services, or something extra with a booking. It doesn’t mean that you have to make a decision right there at the show – you’ll probably want to discuss any bookings with your hubby-to-be, especially if you have a tight budget. Get all the details, make sure the supplier has your name, and ask for the expiry date on the special offer. We guarantee there will be some far too good to pass up.

6. Ask all the questions you want

Whether you attend a big or a small event, it’s a good idea to talk to as many suppliers as you can. If you see something you like, go for it – ask ask ask. Ask about them, ask about their experience, their best-selling products or services, suggestions, anything at all. You’ll get immediate answers – far more efficient than sending emails or telephone calls that may not be answered right away.

Norfolk Wedding Films - Race Wedding Videography

7. Taste all the cakes

It’s all part of the fun – but a very important part too. Cake science has come a very long way since the days of sponge and fruitcake wedding cake! Fall in love with flavours you didn’t even know existed and your cake will be unforgettable. Most cake makers and caterers will have free samples, so go on a delightful taste adventure.

8. Find out what you don’t want

Finding what you like is as important as finding what you dont like. Real weddings and photos you see online convey nothing but beauty – but what looks good in a picture may look different when you see it in real life. For example – you may think a rustic theme is your one and only… until you see some examples up close, and you decide that… actually… maybe not. Or, you have your heart set on very traditional invitations – then you’ll see a really unexpected sample on display at the fair, and the traditional style will be but a memory.

Norfolk Wedding Films - Race Wedding Videography
Norfolk Wedding Films - Race Wedding Videography

9. Practice chatting to suppliers

Asking questions is important, but that’s not all – this is a perfect opportunity to get used to asking for things you want, and saying no to things you don’t want. If you’re the type who finds asking difficult (shy, or you don’t want to cause any bother), then you may be unaware that there are even better options that aren’t actually on display. Remember – a supplier is your friend. So chat away – you’ll find it’ll benefit you a lot come booking time.

10. Oh the gowns, the gowns

Last but not least – the fashion shows and the boutiques. Fashions happen to be the biggest draw at any fair, that’s why most of them put on a full-out catwalk extravaganza with music and choreography. Even smaller fairs have fashion shows, and attending one is a real highlight of the fair. You get to see tons of gowns (camera comes in really handy here, as does a notebook), on models and on hangers, and you can try them on to your heart’s content. Beware, on a very busy day there may be longer waiting times, especially at top boutiques. And don’t make any decisions right there and then – have pictures taken of you in the gown and go home to think about it.

If you want to chat to us about wedding videography come and say hi.. We are attending various wedding fairs across Norfolk & Suffolk in 2018, here are a few dates for your diary!

Wedding Fairs Norfolk & Suffolk

4th March 2018 - The Stunning Spring Wedding Fair,The Forum, Norwich, Norfolk

25th March 2018 - Ipswich Town Football Club Wedding Fair, Suffolk

4th April 2018 - Ivy House Country Hotel, Oulton Broad, Suffolk

8th April 2018 - Elm Farm Spring Wedding Show, Norfolk

15th April 2018 - Royal Assembly Rooms Wedding Fair, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

26th April 2018- The Cliff Hotel Wedding Fair, Gorleston, Norfolk

27th & 28th May 2018 - Number 47 Wedding Fair, Norwich, Norfolk

28th October 2018 - Elm Farm Autumn Wedding Show, Norfolk

The Race Wedding Videography team will also be popping along The National Wedding Show on the 23rd February 2018 for meetings and interviews with UK wide Wedding Industry leaders, so if you are about we will be at the show, give us a call and we can meet for coffee. The show is on from 23rd - 25th February!


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